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Recycling Of Old Appliances

Our Story

Our parent company , Appliance Recycling Ltd was founded by co-founders Darren Rapson and Calvin Leonard. With over 30 years of experience each in the field of whiteware and appliance repairs in the greater Auckland area, they are both qualified electrical service technicians. They recognized a growing trend and need for a specialized company to collect, dismantle, scrap, rework, and recycle old and disused appliances, e-waste, TVs, computers, and other electronics in 2011. While their primary business model is selling seconds, carton damage, and repaired appliances and whiteware at a fraction of full retail prices, they also act as a collection point for a wide range of items, which are distributed to local scrap metal dealers and recycling companies. Now with the addition of Rapid Reclaim they have expanded into recovering and reclaiming old dangerous refrigerants . The new service for hazardous refrigerant recovery has been launched in 2023, in collaboration with a major retail chain and Auckland Council. This partnership allows us to safely degas and decommission old refrigerators that are returned by customers when they purchase new units or taken to council-run refuse stations. By utilizing this service, customers who buy new refrigerators or freezers from participating retailers can still dispose of their old appliances appropriately through us.